Sharjah Museums Authority launches tours moderated by deaf guides Sharjah Museums Authority launches tours moderated by deaf guides
    People of determination with hearing disabilities are invited to discover the legacy of Sharjah through guided tours in sign language in the Sharjah Archaeology Museum exhibits

    In a first of its kind initiative in the Arabian Gulf, the Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) will provide tours moderated by people of determination with hearing disabilities.
    This initiative comes as an extension of SMA’s vision to be a key contributor in raising awareness about the importance of museums in society and to promote museums as an attractive cultural and educational destination for all.   
    As part of the new program, titled ‘The Outstanding Guide in Sign Language’, the SMA is offering a thorough training program targeting deaf graduates to provide them with the skills they need to be outstanding museum guides.
    The initiative has been created as part of the SMA’s participation in Deaf Week and its commitment to encouraging integration by people of determination throughout society.
    As part of their training the tour guides, with hearing disabilities, will learn about the importance of museums as well as the vital role they play themselves in helping to create an enjoyable learning experience for visitors.
    The first sign language guided tour will reveal on Monday, April 23rd from 4:30pm to 6.30pm. Tours will take place once every three months.
    The tours will not only help to empower the guides, it will also give the visitors with hearing disabilities the opportunity to learn about the legacy of Sharjah and its history by an interactive communication between the visitors and guides.
    Visitors will be shown the variety of different artefacts, currencies, jewelry, pottery and weapons, some of which are more than 125,000 years old, that have been unearthed in and around Sharjah and are now on show in the museum.
    Manal Ataya, Director General of Sharjah Museums Authority, said:
     “SMA provides diverse experiences for all visitors at its museums, including people of determination. Sharjah Museums Authority cares for all its visitors as part of our social responsibility to be accessible to all”.

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