Application Form

Application Form

SAWA Museum Academy

Personal information

Your professional qualification


With particular reference to your chosen pathway, what benefits do you hope to gain from attendance at the SAWA Museum Academy?

Please indicate how attendance will benefit your studies and/or career ambitions by answering the following questions:
Why did you decide to enter a career in the museum field?

Explain why you feel this is the right point in your life and career to pause and reflect on how to broaden you leadership and impact in the field.

How do you overcome obstacles that may scare away others?

What do you think is the biggest problem facing

Fees and grants

Registration fee 200 €
Tuition 1000 €
Accomodation 1200 €
Meals 300 €
Travel 800 €

Fees must be paid in advance.

The SAWA Museum Academy offers applicants the possibility to apply for grants covering registration fee, tuition, accommodation, meals and travel. In case of an approved travel grant, tickets will be provided by the SAWA management.

The grant is subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

  • I do not apply for the grant
  • I apply for the registration fee grant (A)
  • I apply for the tuition grant (B)
  • I apply for the accommodation grant (C)
  • I apply for the meals grant (D)
  • I apply for the travel grant (E)

To apply for a grant please explain why you should qualify for the grant:

By filling out this form you are not necessarily selected but will be presented to committee for review.

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