Music of Letters: Bahman Panahi

Location : Sharjah Calligraphy Museum Date:04 November 2019 - 07 March 2020
Panahi’s work reflects the combination of traditional and contemporary art in a carefully balanced equilibrium. It is a reflection of his rich background, an eastern and western regard with a strong musical presence. Drawing inspiration from the Persian millenary poetic heritage, his pieces are often centered around a single theme. A word, a stanza or a single letter become the central protagonists of his different series, each one containing a myriad of creative possibilities.


Bahman Panahi is a visual artist, calligrapher and musician based in Paris. He was born in Iran in 1967 and grew up surrounded by the rich culture of the Persian artistic traditions. He was drawn to the arts of calligraphy and music from an early age and soon found that his practice of these two art forms complemented each other. In calligraphy he studied under the direction of the respected masters Gholamhosein Amirkhani, Abdollah Foradi and Yadollah Kaboli. In music he studied with the masters Hushang Zarif, Athaullah Zahed Shirazi and Mohammad Reza Lotfi. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University and continued his visual arts studies in Ecole Beaux-arts de Valenciennes and then at the Sorbonne University in France. The ongoing affair between calligraphy and music led to the subject of his doctoral research “The Musicality of Lines and Points”.



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